Ugur Hafizoglu
About Me
  • Level 4 PT
  • Level 1 Rugby Coach
  • Studying for BSc. Exercise & Sports Science
My name is Ugur, and I am a personal trainer with over seven years of experience in the fitness industry. I am a European-registered exercise professional, and I specialise in performance training, corrective exercises, and senior fitness. I have trained several men and women to reach their goals and become fitter and healthier.



"As your personal trainer, I can help you with specific targets like fat loss, muscle gain, enhanced performance and conditioning. Personal training keeps my spirits up and leaves me feeling confident, and I like inspiring my clients to feel the same. Training is not always easy, and it only works if you are serious and want to change. As a determined person, discipline is my priority and to get impressive results, I will push you to give your best at every session.."

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Prices :

Single session      £30/Hour

6 Sessions            £130

12 Sessions          £ 230

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Nutrition Plan       £30

Nutrition is individual.

I help you to consume the nutrients you need in a balanced way to reach your goal.

(Includes 2 Free Check Ins)

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Training Programs       £30

Monthly Training Program

I can help with specific goals as well as improve your overall health – from losing weight and gaining muscle to improving performance and conditioning, I will design unique workouts that guarantee effective results within a reasonable time

( Includes 2 free Check Ins )

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Monthly Coaching       £50/Month


This includes the above Training Program & Nutrition Plan. 


Instant support via WhatsApp everyday between the hours of 10:00 and 21:00